About me:

Hi, I am Rishikesh verma. 

The face behind “Rishi is online”, you can call me Rishi. I belong from a small city Nautanwa which is near to indo nepal-border.

Son of small shop owner, Having no degree as i left my formal education just after passing my intermediates, the reason being i had a lot of issues with the traditional education system, i decided i’ll make my own way to real and practical learning.

I am a Digital Marketer and digital marketing blogger at Rishiisonline.com.

I started this blog with the intent of helping people and businesses grow with the help of internet marketing/Digital marketing.

The digital marketing world is evolving very fast, what worked yesterday may not work today, leaving the only way to help you all by always:


That’s what i am doing right now and will continue to do,

Thankyou for showing up curiosity to know me, below is long story of how and why i came into Digital Marketing world. 

Hope you get some value from my blog Rishi is online.

If you have any question, feel free to mail me at [email protected] , I read every single email and reply to them as soon as possible.

Long Story:

I left formal education,

After completing intermediates from Central Hindu Boys School, BHU, I left my formal education and decided not to go college for degree, I had a lot of issues with our education system.

I thought i will start a business, may be a startup. later on i realised that it was not easy thing to have a startup, it costs you some amount of money to invest in it and it also involves risks, as a lot of data from different sources says that only 5% of startups make it to the year, 95% of them fail in their first year.

I was not earning a single penny at that time, being a son of small shop owner, and brother to three sisters, it was not a good idea to invest my father’s savings into startup, chances of losing the whole money was very high for the situation.

Designing was the next thing,

I was an artistic person, So i thought i’ll do designing, Again nothing happened, back to normal, fee of good design college was high enough that i couldn’t afford the course fee only, leave the hostel fee and other charges.

What heppened then,

Several weeks of brainstorming passed out,I had closed all the doors of continuing formal education any good college takes entrance exam and the application form dates were gone at that time. I had no idea what to do now,

It was a normal morning, i was doing my daily morning routine and my phone rang, Vishesh one of my techie friend was there on the phone. He said he had created a website and he is busy managing the website, He asked me if i can do marketing for the website as i was intrested in Marketing stuff.

I realised the power of marketing,

Wait, something clicked into my head.

In a moment i realised the power of marketing.

I got to know that no matter how techie  entrepreneurs or business persons may be, most of them still fail in carrying out good marketing of their enterprise or business.

I always wanted to do marketing for a company, but i always thought it can be done only if i am in their marketing department which means i need a proper degree may be an MBA, and i was in no mood of continuing formal education.

But marketing a business through digital mediums requires no degree, no certificate. The only thing it requires is results, which can easily be driven if you aquire expertise in this field.

Into the digital world,

Bang on, i jumped into digital world,

after two months of learning basics about digital marketing and deeply understanding this digital world, result was this Blog “Rishiisonline.com

I started this blog with an intention of helping businesses grow with this digital phenomenon 

happening around the globe.

There s only one method by which i help business grow with my blog, that is-


offcourse i did not invented or discovered this method, A lot of digital marketing masters  around the globe are following the same method, and as of now i can say thet there is no other better method to be in this changing digital world, this digital marketing world is changing rapidly, google and social media channels are continuously making changes to their algorithms, what worked yesterday may not work today, so i am here –


at Rishiisonline.com

If you have any question, feel free to mail me at [email protected] , I read every single email and reply to them as soon as possible.


Rishikesh verma (Rishi is online)