Before you start something new, Read this!

Starting a new business,
Starting your carrier,

shifting your carrier to some new field,

learning a new skill,

or even starting to change you mindset , your habit etc.

Well, the whole game is all about starting,

because ultimately your good start will take you to your desired destination,

what can be someone’s goal when starting something new,

A general person wants results from his efforts,

And believe me, that why they are general.

I saw myself and always see a lot of people starting something new and expect results from every effort they put,

Most of these end up leaving in the very starting when they don’t see any major results.

Because moving on and on without any good results is tough.

If you are starting a business, it will eat up your cash,

If you are shifting your carrier, it will create more and more pressure on you

If you are learning a new skill, it will eat up your precious time,

In any situation you are, you’ll start facing problems.

Even if you manage all this, how will you bring so much  patience into you, that’s a big problem these days.

But please remember, “When the going gets tougher, the tough gets going”.

I know when you started, it seemed very easy and the image your mind made of the result from your efforts was completely different from what is reality.

Now its frustrating,

May be you’re thinking it was a wrong decision,

Yes it can be,

But not every decision and not everyone’s decision can be wrong, as the same thing happens everytime and with everyone.

Tonns and tonns of effort seems to go in vain, a lot of time wasted.

But there is one more perspective, you may have not noticed.

“ Not all of your effort will produce some result, but every single effort will have a contribution in the the biggest result, the result that you wanted”

Every single effort you do is a step of the stairs of some bigger result.

Now replace any of the effort you did, how will you reach to the bigger result.

Science has its limitation, similarly your logic also have some limitation.

It can only see the upper layer of whats happening with you, the inner happening is unknown to you and your logic.

To really get some big result you need to trust on the inner side of happening.

There is no way to actually know which of your effort will contribute what and how much to the bigger result.

Now, here’s a question.

How will one hold so much of patience within him?

Before the trick of patience, I want to tell you a real thing which if you can do, you will be able to hold enormous patience within you.

If you can see the reality, if you can really realise, how simple tiny efforts create big results, you not just trust that but if you can see really,

It will give you enough patience that you can hold yourself to any extent.

And to see this reality, go at some contruction site and see how those small bricks contribute to the building, those bricks are nothing as compared to the size of building but if any one of them leaves its position, the building will fall apart,

As I said earlier, not every brick will make a building, but every single brick has contribution in making that building.

if you can relate these ricks to your efforts and the building with that big result you wish to achieve, and realise how it happens with you in real,

Then you will have enormous patience inside you.

You will be able to achieve everything you want, you will have something which most of the people in the world lacks, Patience…

Now if you didn’t get what I explained,

Don’t worry,

Big things take time, keep trying to see that,

Till then, here’s a trick to hold yourself there,

Anytime in your life if you are starting something new,

Tell yourself and your mind and remember,


You can replace soon from months, years etc. based on the stuff you are doing.

It seems very simple and general,

But I am not saying this anyway,

It’s a human psychology, you can observe this in your past experience.

When you knew that you are not gong to eat as its your fast today, hunger doesn’t strikes you, on the other hand you may start feel hungry after few hours of your eating.

Its all human psychology,

Your mind can unconsciously control physiological activities of your body, if properly used.

Why can’t it control itself, I mean why can’t it be patient if you want,

All it needs is a proper and wise handling in form of autosuggestions.

When you suggest it that nothing big is going to happen for a long time even though I am going to do this, your mind will condition itself to stay calm for a long time.

So, thats all for now,

I have a request to you


Don’t stop putting effort based on the result produced in the starting, if you are reading this you must be very serious about your aim and I want you to succeed, I believe in you.

Please comment below how reading this changed your perception towards thing you do, I am eager to know from you.

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