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Biggest Marketing mistake most people do [DMI Class 2]

No dad, this time I will select sunglasses to sell in our shop.

On a beautiful morning, I said this when dad was having his morning black tea sitting in the balcony,

I have a better sense of sunglass styles, I really know what do young people want, what is trending. This week our shop will have the best sales in Gautam plaza. Huge excitement on my face! My Dad took a sip of his tea and simply said ‘No’, another sip of tea.

I was like, why what happened? I think you didn’t get my point Dad. Let me explain this to you again. This time, listen to me carefully, it’s very important for our shop.

Same explanation repeated the same answer also. And a series of arguments started. An hour of arguments leads the decision on my side. black tea had turned into a cup of coca-cola drink by this time. I promised, and also made him promise that if sales go up that week, I will handle the job forever.

And guess what, that day never came. That week, we had the worst sales. What? How? Why? I mean you were young, you definitely had a good sense of modern styles. The results had to be good. I know you have this question in your mind.

Things turned opposite, I made a mistake, which I am going to tell you here. I made the same mistake a lot of people do in marketing and suffer. the same mistake a lot of businesses do. Something which can make you a better marketer.

Actually, my Dad knew what kind of customers comes to our shop, Who they are?, How much is their disposable income? I lacked and also ignored this knowledge. I just went and selected sunglass models which youngsters will like. good in looks, In trends. All I missed was that the models I selected were high priced and premium. I looked at people’s choices and missed their budgets.

And that’s why I failed there. It’s all about knowing and understanding your customers.

Hi, I am Rishikesh. To make sure you don’t do the same mistake I did back then. Read this article about the second class of my internship program to the end. Because here I will be discussing the importance of understanding your audience, communicating with your audience, how to create an audience persona? and more such highly valuable things, which will make you a better marketer. I promise you, after you’ve read this, you will have a better understanding of successful Marketing and Business.

Digital Marketing Internship program, Digital deepak
Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak

So the class started at 9:00 pm, as usual, I had excitement as well as curiosity to know the topic of the second class. 5 minutes later, I heard the voice of our mentor Deepak, he marked the start of our second class by doing a ritual along with us of feeling grateful for whatever we had, we all felt grateful for all that we had from the bottom of our hearts. 

 The next moment was kind of wow! for all of us because as he said the assignment completion rate has been very high, I guessed it to be approx 80% but in actual it was 87%. Which was great.

It was a kind of positive pressure on all of us. A lot of people said that this was the first-ever blog they have written.

 To make the class distraction-free for us, he also advised us to keep our phone on airplane mode. As

Distraction is more harmful than drugs for our mind”

– Deepak Kanakaraju

The Golden Triangle of Learning

Learn > Do > Teach

At first, he came to Learn > Do > Teach formula, Which he called the Golden triangle.

When you learn something, the whole information is scattered like random pieces of the puzzle in your mind. when you do it and teach it, the whole knowledge which was scattered gets organized in your mind.

Mistakes are future-benefits

The value of which is yet to be realized

No one is perfect, everyone does a certain amount of mistakes before he achieves mastery. Mistakes are future benefits. This became more clear when Deepak given his own example of how he started as a beginner, learned from his mistakes and now he is able to mentor us because of the expertise he has acquired over time. 

After listening to what he said, a famous thought came into my mind- 

“A master has failed more times the beginner has even tried”

Marketing is about good conversation

If you cannot converse 1:1 well, you cannot converse 1:many

Aha! This is what I wanted to hear, I truly believe marketing is all about communication. That’s why I have chosen Communication skills as my niche.

If you can be a better communicator, you can be a better marketer, People connect to you only when they feel like you are talking to them, and not to a large number of people. That is you have to make your 1:1 communication better to communicate better with 1:many.

I could see the live example of Deepak communicating with me 1:1 even in a class where there were a lot of people listening to him. Everyone felt like he is directly talking to them.

Now how to become a good communicator? Like Deepak

“Being authentic is the best way to become a good communicator”

– Deepak Kanakaraju

People are tired of fake people with social personas, Everyone attracts to someone real

This is what he answered and he explained it with very much clarity that how we put social personas on us in different places like in-home, in office, etc. 

I observed I was most comfortable and connected with my friends, my family, With them I do never put a persona on me, I just be real as I am.

If you are authentic with everyone in the world, you will see when you will start communicating, people will get connected to you. They will love to listen and talk to you. And, that’s what is needed to be a better marketer.

This learning became my favorite learning for the day.

You might think that it’s a digital marketing class. So, why there is so much theory. Well, addressing this, Deepak said he thinks that this has played a very big role in his success journey, to be more authentic, To work on fundamentals. That’s what makes this program different. And I totally agree with this. 

Who is a better marketer?

People with more life experience are better marketers

Now, what does that mean? Marketing is a completely practical thing, So If you have more experience in life, you can be a better marketer. 

Again great learning by our mentor.

“Whatever you want in life is on the other side of fear”

He put it very nicely, who? You know already. Whatever you are feared, just go and do that. Either you will get a good experience or bad experience, both are fine.

if you fear public speaking, Go and stand on stage, see what comes. What is so worst that can happen? I laughed remembering a day in my life, I really have faced this, and that day became one of the funniest and best memories of my life.

The essence of the whole thing is you need to have more life experience of meeting new people, going to new places, learning a new language, creating new hobbies and interests. Just do new things always, as said by our mentor Deepak.

Have you ever wondered why you are able to communicate better with your friends, your family and people you are closer to?

Just because you know them very well. You know what they like, what they feel, everything about them.

 So to communicate better with your audience or customer, you need to know,

Who is your audience?

If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience

In any niche, there’s a huge audience lie. with a different life, different goals, and different challenges. So you can’t serve a whole audience of a niche. Go narrower and select a target audience which you are going to serve.

Oh! No! I have to go more narrow. Anyways, Riches are in the Niches.

Once you have selected your target audience, boil it down to an audience persona, to get the exact image of the person you are going to communicate. 

More exciting! “We are going to do this exercise in today’s class”,

 But before that, a question arises,

How to define your target customer?

Demographics and psychographics

You learn basically two things about your target audience. It is their demographics which simply means their age, their marital status, their income level, etc. and their psychographics which includes their areas of interest, their likes/dislikes, their goals, and challenges, etc. learning about demographics and psychographics is very necessary to understand and communicate to your target audience in a better way.

After these great learnings, our mentor Deepak went to show us how to create your audience persona live, but before that, he gave some of the very powerful key points to us, which will enable us to become a better marketer and communicate better to our audience.

  • “Write to one single person at a time”

writing to one person at a time engages your readers and makes them attentive, your reader feels like this entire conversation is with him and for him.

  • “Though you have a big audience, yet everyone is alone with their devices. Connect to them with 1:1 communication”

Whether you are writing a blog or writing emails that every one of your audience is going to read, write it in the form of 1:1 communication. Because everyone is alone while reading your message.

  • “Email and messaging are more powerful than social media”

For a long time, I believed that social media is the most powerful thing in digital marketing but seeing the above learnings about communicating 1:1, I easily agreed that yes email/messaging is more powerful. social media is like a public place. Where if you are writing or posting something, it feels like it is written for everybody. 

  • “Headline > first sentence > second sentence > third > fourth”

Basically you write in such a way that the headline makes people read the first sentence. The job of the first sentence is to make people read the second, the job of the second is to make people read the third and then the fourth and so on.

Then suddenly he spoke that some of the best articles are written by Vamsi and Krishna Prashanth, I thought maybe I’ll be somewhere in the top 10.

Guess what, when the result came, I was not even in the top 100, My fingers were scrolling the top 100 list again and again, and I didn’t find my name there. Later in the feedback email, I got to know I was at the 103rd position in the class with 86%.

For once I thought, I failed. But what happened next is very interesting.

I said to myself – “ congratulations, you have successfully failed”. Yes! I said this to me, because the same thought again, touched me – 

“A master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried”

A big Wow! I failed successfully and charged up again for the next failure.

“Every word, every line you write has to be completely carved out so well that people can flow through it”

– Deepak Kanakaraju

He told us to bring flow in our writing, there are a lot of distractions to people, especially from their mobile phones, creating flow in your content will not let your readers distract from your content.

If you are reading this, then I think I am successful in creating a flow in my writing.

He also told his ways, so that if we want to learn from his way, we can follow him,

  • He addresses people by their first names
  • He writes emails as he writes to a friend
  • He Joins the conversation in people’s mind
  • His primary method of marketing communication is email.

He writes so well because he knows his audience very well. And he knows them very well through regular surveys, calls, and interactions.

Because of these, when people meet him, they feel like they know him already.


I feel wonderful meeting new people and talking to them, I never leave any opportunity to meet new people. And when he announced that we are having a graduation party at the end of the internship in Bangalore, I was like WOW! Another party coming up. Even though I am from Gorakhpur, so far from Bangalore, I am still all set to reach there. Yes, I want to meet everyone there.

Focus on the centre and not on the border

As you move away from the center, it will dilute and it’s ok

As we proudly know, our mentor Deepak is the founder of the world’s largest community of digital marketers, The ‘Learn Digital Marketing Group’. So, how he handles such a big audience.

He actually focuses only at the center and not on the border, it simply means that he focuses only on the audience falling into his audience persona. That is what he advised us to do. To craft our content and communication according to our customer avatar.

We had some 50 to 55 years old people in the class. I was curious and wanted to salute them for the lifetime learning attitude. This was something that filled me with motivation.

It’s Showtime!

This is the biggest and most valuable learning I got from this class because I was able to see how a customer avatar survey is conducted, the questions in the survey were comprised of demographics and psychographic related, there were some open-ended questions also which will let you know more about your customer. 

I was amazed to see that how data taken from the survey can be used to create a customer avatar. He posted the customer avatar to the facebook group and asked if that matches them. And then a rain of comments started with a lot of people saying that it matches them at a great percentage.

He interacted with my co-intern Sagar whose details matched with the customer avatar to 95%, while in the class and asked him some questions like what he is doing? Why did he join this internship program? what are his goals? this made me very clear that how can I know a lot about his customer just by asking a few simple questions.

All this knowledge about Sagar gave him a better idea that who is his audience, and what do they want. And next, when he will write content, he can create very fluid communication through his content.

Initially, no one has that much accurate customer avatar, so start with low accurate customer avatar and overtime update it to make it more and more clear. 

 He quoted then a line from the famous marketing guru, PETER DRUCKER.

“The entire purpose of marketing is to understand your customer so well that the product or service you create, fits easily to the market and needs no marketing efforts”

– Peter Drucker

He said that he understands his customers so well that he knows what they want and he always finds ways to serve his audience well, like this Internship program.

He is really an inspiration for all of us.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

Challenge what you already know and create new beliefs and way of thinking

The quality of a good mentor is that he knows what do his mentees feel and what are the problems he is going to face in different phases of their learning.

I always believed that social media is the most powerful thing in digital marketing for any business. But he said something very different that is email marketing is more powerful. My belief was challenged there, He explained, learning something new is like going to a gym and doing exercise. It will feel painful for you. If you are very comfortable learning something new, then it’s not learning.

 And then he advised us to be open to learning, by giving a simple example that –

  “ You can wake up a person who is sleeping but not a person who is acting like he is sleeping”

Now as I said I will share my own customer avatar for my niche communication skills,

But hold on, I cannot exactly go and serve for every kind of communication skills,

So at first, I made it clear that what I can offer to people as a solution in my niche. I came to know that people invest more money and time in money-making solutions. So I choose to serve professional communication skills like content writing, storytelling, copywriting, etc.

After 20 responses from surveys, educated guess and 7 interactions, I came to this customer avatar which is described below.

Rahul Singh

My ideal customer’s name is Rahul Singh (fictitious).

He lives in tier 3 cities.

He is in the age bracket of 18 – 30.

His income is <5 lakhs.

He is single.

 He is a freelance marketer/ Businessperson/ Looking for a job in marketing/ In a marketing job.

He was an average student in school.

He is a college graduate.

He likes traveling.

He mostly plays cricket and badminton.

His goal in life is to become successful in business/ get a job in marketing/become a marketing manager/get more clients.

His challenges are laziness, lack of money and time, etc.

He is an introvert.

His biggest fear is fear of failure or fear of being unsuccessful.

He mostly uses Whatsapp.

He ranks his communication skills as average.

He thinks that communication skills are very important in anyone’s life and he wishes to improve his communication skills.

He wants to improve his professional communication skills like content writing, storytelling, etc.

He reads books, listens to podcasts, and watch English content to improve his communication skills.


Now that you have got all the learnings from DMI class 2, Here are the things, you should implement from now on.

Go and try to learn new things, apply them and share the knowledge to the world, and, learn from mistakes and move on, Marketing is all about good conversation, so improve your 1:1 conversation. Be authentic to communicate better. Focus on your ideal customer for any type of communication. Join their mental conversation. Define your target customer, try to know more and more about them. Don’t repeat the same mistake that I did. Do practical surveys, interact with your customers, create your customer avatar and update it over time.

Overall it was a wonderful session full of valuable learnings. The essence of the whole discussion is to know and understand your customers very well.

If you enjoyed the article, share it with someone who needs this. Visit my blog regularly to get learnings from the upcoming internship classes.

I talked about the mistake most people do in marketing, that is not understanding their customers so well, if you know any other mistake people do in Marketing, Please let me know in the comment section. I am eager to know.

Happy Journey

Rishikesh Verma from

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