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Digital Deepak Digital Marketing Internship review!

It’s been six months since I am learning digital marketing and if I look at this time now, the most significant change that came into my learning journey is when I joined the Digital marketing internship program in December 2019. 

I attended the webinar hosted by Deepak and I saw there not a single point was there to worry about before joining the program, as the program is designed in a way that you can have nothing to lose, NOT EVEN MONEY.

The only thing which goes is your time and if you are learning, your time is invested not wasted. The same thing I thought and I joined the program.

The program was from the 18th of December and I eagerly waited for the day.

In the first class, I learned a lot about marketing fundamentals taught by Deepak. I was knowing some of the fundamentals already but whatever he said was kind of big confirmation for me. That my learnings so far is correct. With the end of the class, Deepak gave us assignment 1, on successful completion of that we were to get our first income from the internship.

Some days later when I got my first payment, I was very happy and also felt confident and motivated for the next assignment. See that’s why this program is so unique. I was getting paid for learning. Although I paid for joining the program now I was recovering my money.

When I saw my ranking, I was surprised I got 103rd rank, that was bad. I was upset but somehow I made my mind for the next class and assignment and guess what I came at 40th rank in the second assignment ranking. I was not satisfied with my work but still, that was okay as a small improvement every time is good as long as I am doing it with determination.

Now the program is proceeding forward and I am doing fewer mistakes now. I would definitely want to say a big thanks to all my co-interns because of their help and friendly nature.

When I joined the program I thought no one is going to help anyone because I have heard and seen office politics stuff a lot and I thought here also such things can happen but the reality was completely different. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and of helping nature.

I also talked to a few of them on the phone and I found we all are alike. We all are here to learn and not to distract. 

So far everything is going well and now I think this is really a very good program if you want to learn by implementing and executing. Remember Digital marketing is all about execution.

If you want to have an insight into what are the things we are learning, you can read the articles about some of the classes of the program in my blog.


To sum up, all the things I said I would say if you are learning digital marketing, then you must join this program. Here you will get to learn by implementing things and finding and having a mentor like Deepak will never be so easy. Your network is your net worth, so you will be able to network with a lot of like-minded people in the program.


So don’t wait, register for the Digital Marketing Internship launch webinar on Feb 5th now at:



Happy Journey,

Rishikesh Verma from RISHIISONLINE.COM

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