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Discover the way to earn more than ever with efforts less than ever doing the same Digital Marketing.

You started Digital Marketing.

You dreamed of becoming the top digital marketer.

You dreamed of handling all the tasks, something like a digital superman.

You learned the whole of digital marketing.

Somehow you managed to execute and implement your learnings at the same time.

Now you are a complete digital marketer.

You are able to do SEO,

You are able to do run google ads, facebook ads LinkedIn ads all everything.

You are able to even become a good content writer.

And your website is getting good traffic.

But you are not earning as much as you deserve to earn.

You are doing all the things, all the techniques you are applying to digital marketing.

But you don’t have enough time to take others’ work.

You are already handling a lot of work from your own side.

Managing all the work you are doing is getting messed up.

You are not able to scale it up.

You want to be among the top 1% digital marketers,

And you know the top 1% marketers are handling much more work than you.

You can see their ads their consistent content.

Have you ever wondered, how are they able to do that?

Because they are utilizing the power of tools in digital marketing.

Once you start using tools,

You will see how much of your work can be replaced by using tools,

You will see the accuracy and speed of your work.

You will see the best ever results.

You will start scaling up very fast.

Now you can handle others work and earn a lot of money from them,

Without putting extra effort.

Most of your job will be taken by tools.

You can focus on improving your skills now,

That means, more earning.

The better you will become, the more you will earn.

All of these just because you use the tools effectively.

And the whole credit for handling such a lot of work will be all yours.

But hold on, there are plenty of tools in the market, competing against each other.

Choosing the wrong tools can get you in serious trouble.

How will you choose the right tools for you?

Yes, you guessed it right, to become a top 1% digital marketer, you need to choose the tools which top 1% digital marketers are using now,

Now you can go ahead and search for tools that the top 1% digital marketers use.

Well, you have to do a lot of research, because they use hundreds of tools in different proportions according to their needs.

yet most of them are reviews about the tools,

For which they are getting paid.

Again the same problem is finding the right tool to use.

They have identified the pros and cons of different tools by working on them for a long time.

But don’t worry you don’t have to.

Because you will have the guidance of a top 1% digital marketer while choosing the right tools and also their best use.

Here‘s how,

Deepak Kanakraju a.k.a. Digital Deepak a well known digital marketer is here to guide you through 100 chosen digital marketing tools that he uses himself.


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A course that guides you through 100 digital marketing tools you need to win the Digital Marketing game in 2020 and more.

Digital Marketing has changed.

Now digital marketing is not only SEO, but there are also a lot of other things in digital marketing like social media marketing, email marketing, and so on.

To implement Digital Marketing at its best, you need to use the right tools.

That’s where this course will help you.

But at first,

Have a look at who is your instructor in this course,

Deepak Kanakaraju (DigitalDeepak)


Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a. Digital Deepak is a well known digital marketer, speaker, and author. He started his digital marketing journey through blogging and grown his blog Bikeadvice.in to the top motorcycle blog in India. He worked as a digital marketing manager in several big companies like Razorpay, Instamozo, etc. He is the co-founder of PIXELTRACK DIGITAL, a digital marketing agency.

So far he has trained thousands of students, professionals, and businessmen, and is the founder of the world’s largest digital marketing community the ‘Learn Digital Marketing’ group. He is a member of the Digital Masters alliance and speaks at digital masters conference, SEMrush conference and several other big speaking events in Digital marketing.

Here’s a detailed look at the course

The course consists of 100 digital marketing tools videos.

That means, there’s no chance of missing any good tool.

Let me give you an idea of some tools in this course,

  • Instapage - Landing page builder
  • Typeform - forms generator
  • Moz - for keyword and SEO
  • Google data studio - data visualization
  • Google Analytics - website analytics
  • Canva - drag and drop graphic designer
  • Zapier - email automation
  • Mindnode - mind mapping 
  • Teachable...
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and 100 of such amazing and useful tools videos that Deepak uses himself

So now when you are ready to become the top 1% digital marketer.

Let me reveal to you the price of the course of your success.


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The original price of the DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS MASTERY course is Rs. 3999/-

But here’s an opportunity for you,

An early bird offer.

The course consists of 100 tools videos.

And yet now only 24 of the videos are available, rest will be uploaded soon.

But that’s the opportunity for you, 

You can take this course of 100 tools videos at a very low price than the original price before the launch, you will have access to 24 videos of amazing tools right now and rest of 76 will be updated very soon, before the launch.

Right now you can pay only ₹999/- and get lifetime access to the course, consisting of 100 tools guide.


It’s a no brainer deal, you can buy it now at such a low price and soon you will get the rest of the videos there in the course.

all, I can say is if I were you, I would not have read the rest of the page, well you can read there’s something special for you.

The tools are specifically chosen by Deepak.

He has been using them for a long time and will guide you on which tool and why that will be better for you.

He will also show you how it works.

He will guide you through every tool you need in digital marketing

You will have a complete and ultimate guide to hundreds of tools and there will not be any need to mess up your mind on youtube and reviews.

You will get to know about a lot of wonderful tools, that you can’t even think of now.

It will be an amazing experience when you will see these tools working for you.

A top 1% digital marketer will be there all the time to guide you.

You will be able to save tons of time.

In future you will never have to worry about which tool to use, you can come to the course and get to know about the right tool for your work

There will be no need to hire people for simple works.

You will save more money.

You can set your business on autopilot.

There will be much more time for you to improve your skills and increase your earning.

People will wonder how this person is able to handle so much work alone and still gets free time.

Your financial condition will start to change.

You will start becoming more popular because you will be doing what top 1% of digital marketers are doing.

Soon you will see yourself as well known digital marketer.

But for all of these to happen, you have to be an action taker,

Remember “Action takers are money makers”

Well, that’s true!


Even if you are not sure, see what people say about Deepak’s other courses.


Sill not clear, Watch some video testimonials,

Testimonial by Meghana on the 100-day Blogging Course

Testimonial by Meghana on the 100-day Blogging Course

Posted by Deepak Kanakaraju on Friday, October 6, 2017

These are just a few, Deepak has trained tens of thousands of people in digital marketing,

And he has founded the world’s largest community of digital marketers, if his courses were not that good, he would never be able to build such a big community.

And 1.5 lakh people in his community cannot be wrong!

In case your mind is struggling over the price if you are thinking Rs. 999/- is a high price for this course,

It’s less than your last time restaurant bill with your friends.

Now you have two options-

The first one is to learn about the tools from youtube and online reviews.

Spend hours in search of the perfect tool which meets your needs actually and get frustrated over time.

Even if you get the tool you will not be sure it will good for you, you will not have the trust over that.

And ask yourself, will you actually search for hundreds of tools on youtube, if each tool takes let say an hour of time. Hundred hours of research on tools.

The second option is to join this course and save a lot of time.

Get saved from a lot of frustration.

Get the experienced guidance of the right tools from someone very trustful.

Moreover its not about 5 or 10 or 20 tools you see in youtube videos, its 100 tools guide,

Many of these you may not have heard of. Imagine what level of your work and your freedom would be if you effectively use that much number of tools.

And set yourself to reach at the top.


I have made my mind to make this offer no brainer for you. So here’s something interesting for you.



Yes, if you take this course and you think that it’s not as valuable as you think, I will refund all your money without any question.

Sounds good, wait there’s more.

Now, as I promised I will make this deal no brainer for you. 

Here’s the final deal.

If you buy this course today,

You will get the complete course at 1/4th the actual price that is at a 75% discount.

Which comes to ₹ 999 + ” Get your dream digital marketing job” ebook by Deepak Kanakaraju.

Seriously, I have made this deal really no brainer. You are just Rs. 999/- away from a wonderful carrier and tons of earning and time.


Let’s face reality.

This is a strictly limited time offer, I have limited resale rights to this course, once the limit reaches, I will not be able to offer this course at such a low price.

As I said it’s an early bird offer. Once the 100 tools get updated in the course. The price will set back to the original price that is Rs. 3999/- and believe it is going to happen soon. 

Do not procrastinate, seriously procrastinators get nothing big in life, I was also a procrastinator and those were the days I was broke, they don’t have the courage to take actions.

If you will not buy this course now, you may miss the opportunity to be the top 1% digital marketer. And someone else will take the course on your place to be a top-notch digital marketer.

But as you have read till now, I believe that you have the patience and will to be successful, you are an action taker so It's now or never, don’t miss it and regret,




Q. Is this a live course?

No, all the course is pre-recorded and you can watch whenever you want.

Q.  Will I also get any tool?

No, you will get guidance about the tools. Well, you can download the tools any time from the web.

Q.  Will I get a complete refund or is there any deduction?

You will get a complete refund within 30 days of buying. after that, there is no refund.

Q.  I am a beginner, will this course help me?

Definitely, you can learn about all the tools and start working through them from right now.

Q.  How do I know this course is for me?

This course will help all digital marketers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. if you fall into these categories, this course will surely help you.

Have more questions, Get in touch with us, 8707581703, 7318384725