Digital Marketing Internship program, Digital deepak

Digital Marketing Internship Program by DigitalDeepak

When a person whom you are following right from the first day of your learning journey, coaches and mentors you, believe me, its an awesome feeling. And yes, This is about Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak.

Digital Marketing is something very different. Execution is the breath of Digital Marketing. So to make sure we learn and execute it in the right way, we need to do it practically with good mentorship and that’s where this program will assist and help.

DigitalDeepak is the first digital marketer I came across when I started learning digital marketing 6 months ago. And I must say he is great at what he does.

Being a very unique program it gives much much more than what it takes, be it money or anything else.

In this article, I am going to describe the key learnings on the first day of the program.

Finding the Gold

Deciding where to compete is half of your work for success.

This was the first learning I got, it simply meant deciding your target market. Deciding the right target market will do half the work you need to become successful.

Once you have decided your market where you have to compete, you can easily get to know the needs of the people in your target market, and you can create a product around it that easily fits into the market and requires very less marketing effort.

Myth burst about market opportunities

There are endless market opportunities.

One of the greatest myths about the market burst in the first class. 

A lot of People always use to say that the market now is very competitive and there is no opportunity left at all. But the fact that solution to any need gives birth to a new need is alone sufficient to justify that market is ever-expanding right from the time when civilization started on this planet.

For example: when someone buys a laptop it creates the need for several other products like accessories, software, antivirus, and service.

So, I am now super clear that market opportunities will never die.

A quick look at how the Global economy works


When you give value, you become valuable

The global economy is a very vast subject and cannot be covered in quick.

But I got the essence,

The economy grows in the mid-age, when the average age of an economy is low or too high, then the economy gets down.

The most important lesson I learned is that no matter how the economy is if you give value to the market you will flourish.

The king of all the skills: Communication skills

Communication is everything!

Communication is the king of all the skills, one who masters it, always wins. That’s why communication is kept as one of the main focuses of the program. Communication is helpful in every aspect of life.

I was very happy listening to this because communication has been my main focus for my carrier. I believe communication is everything.

In this class, I was given some ways to improve my communication skills-

  1.  Read a lot, move from simple to complex reading to improve reading skills.
  2.  Listen to podcasts daily to develop listening skills.
  3. Write a lot to develop your writing habits.
  4. Watching English sitcoms will make you communicate better in English

The future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is just starting

This discussion was focussed on ensuring and realizing us that digital marketing is not going to die due to automation or any other reason, simply because marketing is not going to die and digital marketing is nothing new but a better medium of marketing.

I also came up with several other pieces of evidence to it like the internet and digital devices are not going to die and people are moving more and more to digital.

How Integrated Digital Marketing works

Integrated Digital marketing is the key

Now there are a number of digital marketing methods such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and paid marketing.

The above illustration shows an example of an integrated digital marketing strategy. we can’t rely on a single method. We need to integrate all the methods of digital marketing so that each method complements another one. Deepak sir’s own integrated digital marketing strategy is a good example.

Selecting a Niche

Riches are in the niches

The world wants specialists now, that’s why it is very necessary to define your niche and act according to it.

 If you are everything to everyone, you will be nothing to anyone.

Specialists make more money because a specialist can charge more for his service.

 There is an unlimited number of niches.

After we all suggested some of the niches, The most popular niches found were Money, Health, and relationship.

Doing Market Research

The best way to understand a problem is to face it

When you face a problem and find a solution look if others are also searching for a solution to the same problem then make it a product.

There are tools like Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest and many more, which makes the process of market research very easy and quick. It has become very easy now to track what people are searching for.

Keyword Research

Track what people are searching for

The purpose of keyword research is to track what people are searching for. Because what they are searching for is exactly what they want.

I also seen keyword research practically there on keyword planner, ubersuggest, semrush, and ahrefs. Some other tools are Answer the public, Moz, Google Search Console, Keyword.io

The most interesting use of this I came across is finding which product has a high purchase intent. High purchase intent means high market opportunity.

How to do Competitor Research is very vital to your marketing strategy, to see what’s going on the other side and find out their key strengths and weaknesses.

Eyes on Trends

As a marketer, we need to keep our eyes on trends. Like what’s trending right now in the market based on which we can make an offer to our customers.

In google trends, you can search for topics to see its popularity over time and region. Also, you can compare different topics of popularity over time and also across countries.

You can also compare your brand’s popularity as compared to your competitor’s brand

The first day of our internship was wonderful, we asked our questions and doubts. Everything went well, very happy to be in this program, and ready for all the challenges that will come in the way of my success.

Happy journey,

Rishikesh Verma from


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