Why i choosen Digital marketing as my carrier!

It was a normal morning, i was doing my routine and my phone rang, vishi one of my techie friend was there on the phone. He said he had created a website and he is busy managing the website, He asked me if i can do marketing for the website as i was intrested in Marketing stuff,

Wait, something clicked into my head.
In a moment i realised the power of marketing.
I got to know that no matter how techie  entrepreneurs or business persons may be, most of them still fail in carrying out good marketing of their enterprise or business.
I always wanted to do marketing for a company, but i always thought it can be done only if i am in their marketing department which means i need a proper degree may be an MBA, and i was in no mood of continuing formal education. I had a lot of issues with the education system.
But marketing a business through digital mediums requires no degree, no certificate. The only thing it requires is results, which can easily be driven if you aquire expertise in this field.
You don’t have to go anywhere to learn this, neither you need to pay anyone to get the knowledge and skill involved in this, its true that there are plenty of paid courses available online and taking the right course will catalyse your learning process as you will be able to get the expertise of a person who had spent years in getting that in a very short time,
This isn’t a shortcut of your learning journey, this is just to save you time by investing your money. The time saved there will be used in implementing and doing things practically which will actually give the expertise you need to market something.
Inspite of all these facts, we can’t say learning this thing will necessarily cost you money, although some amount of money is required for websites, practicing ads, but there is no necessity of money in getting knowledge everything is available online,
Just to give you an idea –
There are  _______ blogs, __________  videos, _________ podcasts and a large number of free resources to learn digital marketing on internet.
(The data shown here is taken from … )

So what’s actually required to learn digital marketing.
All you need to learn this is a device and internet access, some money to implement and test things practically as this is implementation game and most important you need a learning mindset.

Beside what benefits of choosing digital marketing as a career has been covered here, there are still a lot we didn’t discussed till now.
Here’s a look at some other benefits-
Result based:
This is really something which i love, Look there are places where you are judged based on your degree, people get reservations and many things like these.
Digital marketing is nowhere near this traditional system, you will only be judged here by the results you produce, no certificate, no degree, no reservations, nothing else matters!

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