The Billion dollars Personal Branding lesson

A truck launch where the truck failed in the glass strength test and still got 2.5 lacks of pre-orders. 

And after such a big flaw, instead of the launch getting flopped, the company got an astounding 2.5 lakhs of pre-orders.

How does that happen?

I am sure you guessed it right, I am talking about Tesla’s cybertruck launch.



I will not say the only factor but the person leading the company, Elon Musk was arguably the biggest factor behind this unbelievable outcome.

With his super personal brand, Elon Musk has created an image of the greatest Innovator in futuristic technology in today’s world.

Now even if something went wrong with the truck,

Customers are damn sure that he will somehow fix the issue before the final product.

And see what, 2.5 lacks pre-order placed before the manufacturing even starts.

Now, suppose if Elon musk wasn’t the CEO of the company, do you think that the company would have got this much of pre-orders.

This is the power of Personal Brand.

Every person in the world has done some amount of personal branding, intentionally or unintentionally.

Every person has associated some word around his personality which defines that person and that’s what we call as a personal brand. The more powerful and effective you are, the more powerful and effective is your brand.

I am telling you all this because the fourth class of my digital marketing was mostly about personal branding, and in this article, I will tell you what are the things I learned in that class. So read till the end to get some amazing and useful learnings.

Like the past three digital marketing internship classes, this fourth class also added tons of learning. When you learn from a person who has been in the field for a very long time, the best part of the learning comes when that person teaches you something from his own experience.

That’s what I got in this fourth class of digital marketing internship.

The class started with sharing of what everyone is feeling about the program. A few of us also came live and spoke about the experience so far in the program.

The best outcome I observed which everyone was speaking about is that we all are executing what we are learning, which has slowly started giving us more confidence in digital marketing.

The first lesson I learned in the class is something that I am constantly listening to from every successful person since I have came in this digital marketing world.

That is,

Focus on one thing

Deepak has made over 3 crores within three years selling digital marketing courses and he said that his success in selling digital marketing courses is just because he chose to not go wide like other education companies and focus on only digital marketing.

Be like a postage stamp, stick to one thing until it gets there.

      – The one thing

He told us to go inch wide, mile deep rather than a mile wide, inch deep. He also reminded us of 80/20 rule and told us about 99/1 rule something which he believes in, that is 99% of your results will come from one thing. So we need to find that one thing and start focussing on that.

How to use your Digital Marketing skills

He suggested ways through which we can use our Digital Marketing skills.

The ways included-

  1. Handling a digital marketing project.
  2. In business
  3. Freelancing 
  4. Work as an employee
  5. Solopreneur
  6. Starting an agency
  7. Product company

Focus on building your personal brand

Having a personal brand makes everything 10-times easier, be it getting a job, working as a freelancer, starting an agency, fundraising, anything.

For example, you might think of going into some networking events to make your networks and get clients. But the problem is, nowadays everyone goes to these events, so how will you get the attention and interest of people? The answer is by having a strong personal brand.

 People will like to connect to you and they will like to listen to you if you have a personal brand.

And the most important thing for creating a personal brand is having a human face behind the brand. You can come in front of the camera and start creating videos to give your brand a face or if you are camera shy then you can have some professionally shot photos of you on all your social media handles and your website to ensure building a personal brand.

Your personal branding funnel

Same as a sales funnel, you have your personal branding funnel.

The different stages of your personal branding funnel are Awareness > Credibility > Reputation > Fame.

when you start doing something related to your niche, more and more people become aware of you, when you do the same thing in the right way, your credibility is established in the market and when you do the right thing over time consistently then comes your reputation. Reputation is a very strong stage, and finally, overtime comes the Fame which will make things super easy for you. You will have fans at this stage.

Now where to build your Personal Brand

A lot of people build their personal brand on social media. But here’s a thing you should think of, Do you build your dreamhouse on leased land? Your Personal Brand is like a dreamhouse for you, so when you are building your personal brand on social media,

Basically you are doing that on someone else’s channel. There is nothing wrong with these channels but the fact is as these channels get saturated, the reach of these channels decreases. You should build your personal brand on your own website, once you have people’s email, you can easily send them to your social media channels.

But being honest, I personally disagree with this. I am not saying he is wrong, he has been a blogger for a long time, so this may be correct from his perspective. But there are ways through which we can use social media in a much intelligent way. Social media has its own benefits which a website cannot provide.

Everything is an experiment

Whatever you do in digital marketing is an experiment. So never look for a roadmap, try new paths and ways. Sometimes you will fail but that’s how you learn digital marketing exactly.

This internship program itself is an experiment for Deepak. Being so successful in digital marketing, he even now does experiments because that is the only way to lead. He illustrated this with a situation that suppose if you are lost in a forest, now there is no roadmap. You have to try different ways to come out. And in trying different ways you take some risks and that is very necessary for growth. Without risks, you can’t grow. But remember you have to take calculated risks.


After this he showed us the inside of his website analytics, I saw his total views per month, his audience and also I saw his search console and actually he gave us a tour of the backside of his website DigitalDeepak. He told us about certain necessary things in analytics and search console. I also saw real-time data in analytics, it was a wonderful tour.

The magic of compounding

What I saw on website visitors compounding was very very simple yet very uncommon and effective. I actually saw how one can start from zero visitors and grow up to 1k visitors per day within just five years. The numbers may seem small yet they are not.

You can easily set a hundred visitors goal for the first month, and a goal of an increase of 10% visitors for consecutive months. Doing the same will give you a total of 27,680 visitors per month at the end of five years, which is 1k visitors per month.

And he showed us how without creating content very aggressively, you can build such a successful blog. All it needs is a compounding effect on your website visitors.


Overall it was a short class yet the learnings I got are very valuable because I got the essence of all his experience from so many years in a very short time. 

Concluding all the lessons, focus on one thing and try to be a master of that. Focus on building a very powerful and effective personal brand because that will make everything very easy for you. Also, personal branding has a tremendous amount of benefits. Decide where are you right now in your personal branding funnel and decide where to build your personal brand wisely. Everything comes from experiments, do experiments because that is the only and best way to learn digital marketing or even anything. Realise the magic of compounding effect and as soon as possible apply that for building your website’s popularity and also your personal brand.

That’s all for today, to learn about such interesting and valuable topics in digital marketing, visit my website regularly.

Finally, if you have any tips about personal branding, do let me know in the comment section. I want to know from you.


Happy Journey,

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